Volunteering is an excellent choice for those who are enthusiastic and have a passion to change things for the better. Our programs offer good opportunities to put to use the skills of volunteers for the common good of the rural people. At the same time you get the chance to learn from our programs and staff and get exposed to Indian culture and traditions. A basic understanding of agricultural, environmental issues, health care and first aid would help you to contribute well. Volunteers stay and work in a rural village. They generally join an existing project. Interested may conduct a health and/or environmental survey of our working areas and create a project to suit the needs of each area. Recent ongoing projects include planting and nursery rising of medicinal plants, organic farming, community eye care service, health seminars, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment and integrated education for differently-abled adults and children.

Future projects include: a day care centre for disabled children, a small hospital to provide health to poor people and a training center for enhancing skills of rural and street children. The aim of this training center is to simplify the education lessons and focus in teaching tools and skills with which the community can make positive changes. The training center will also function as a school to help the most marginalized children obtain a proper education. The education center's goal will be, to improve the education of the children by focusing their education on sustainable agriculture techniques, so that they can use the land to create an integrated sustainable farm. What the NGO wants to achieve through this training center is, that women and children learn sustainable eco-friendly techniques to apply in their homes. This will promote friendly agriculture and will improve skills in a mainly agricultural society.

Volunteers give the chance to rural communities to get in touch with different cultures. This would not be possible in any other way, since rural people do not have the chance to leave their areas. The cultural exchange is promoting the cultural enrichment of both the volunteer and the community and is promoting peace.


Which is the best airport to fly to?

The best airport is Trivandrum International Airport.

How do I get from the airport to CADRE-India?

First you should arrange a prepaid taxi at the airport's taxi office. The taxi should take you to Trivandrum's train station (5km away).

From there you need to take a train direction Kanayakumari. The stop where you need to get down is called Kuzhithurai West. The travelling time between Trivandrum and Kuzhiturai West is of around 45 min and the price of the ticket is of around 50 Rs.

Once in Kuzhithurai West you can call us from the landline of the station to the 261211. It should cost you around Rs 2. We will pick you up from the station.

Which type of visa do I need?

Please contact us in sheejacadre@gmail.com for actualized information.

Which vaccinations do I need?

- Japanese Encephalitis.
- Hepatitis A and B
- Typhoid
- Polio
- Tetanus diphtheria

These are the main needed vaccines. However, you may need an up-to-date with routine vaccines. The best option is to go to your international medical center and talk to a doctor. There you will be able to get personalized advice on what vaccines and medicines you need for travelling to South India.

What kind of volunteering positions do you offer?

We do not offer any specific volunteering position. We try to create volunteering positions depending on the C.Vs of our volunteers and the projects that we are running.

What is provided by CADRE-India?

We organize mainly home stays for our volunteers. However, a stay in a separate volunteer house is also available. The accommodation is for free, but volunteers are expected to cover their own food expenses.

Free wifi Internet is available at the office

We do not provide fly tickets or funding for volunteers.

Who can I contact for further questions?

You can contact Mrs. Sheeja on her e-mail sheejacadre@gmail.com

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