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Eye Care

In accordance with the international movement "Vision 2020 - The Right to Sight", we at CADRE-India wish to spare as many people as possible the fate of unnecessary blindness. By conserving them the ability to see, we enhance the good feelings of the clients. We also support the idea that it is an economic advantage to prevent blindness than to deal with it.

CADRE-India co-operates with the local hospitals and District Health Centers launching "blindness prevention" programs for those who live with the risk of becoming blind.

We work in cooperation with medicinal personnel, who screens patients and carry out surgeries where necessary, for prevention of blindness and for a suitable therapy.

Many people in the rural areas are, due to unavailability of information, illiteracy, poverty etc, not able to seek for assistance at a government office. We go to their homes and assist them, collaborating with the government, according to the full program and their necessities.


CADRE- India assists adult blind people to develop abilities that enable them to sustain themselves, so that they can live in decency and have an independent life. The programs are the following:

  • 1.Vocation Training Program
  • 2.Assistance to start SMEs Program
  • 3.Loan Funds Program
  • 4.Financial assistance form DDRO
  • 5.Job placement of the blind person

We, in a CBR program, train visually impaired people suitable for vocational skills, so that they can be employed or start their own SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).

We help visually impaired people, who are able to work, to find and get a job. Where appropriate, we give them revolving loans at a low interest rate to start up an existence.


Blind children are educated in special schools or not educated at all. According to Indian law, they have the right to attend schools together with sighted children. CADRE-India, through its Integrated Education Program (IE), is assisting those children with enough capacity to study, with their education. CADRE-India's goal is that the children can study in normal schools, since we believe it is the best way to educate and socialize them and make them be fully integrated in society.

CADRE-India assists the Visually Impaired Children in their education and rehabilitation regarding their individual needs. CADRE-India provides to teachers and parents, suitable learning materials, a dormitory program (where necessary), food, transport to and from school, etc.

Our main thought / effort behind our goals is to fulfill our mission of contributing towards minimising human suffering, especially where health is concerned.


HIV/AIDS has emerged as one of the most serious public health issues in recent years in India though the disease was seen in the country much later than in other countries. Tamil Nadu is one of the six states with the highest incidence and the only state with 1.6% prevalence of HIV infection among the ANC cases. Kanyakumari has the second highest number of HIV infected people in India. The surveillance data for the state clearly shows the spread of infection from high-risk groups to the general population. As the crisis reaches alarming proportions, the issues of care and support for the affected individuals and the prevention of HIV transmission has become even more critical. In a country where poverty, illiteracy and poor health are rife, the spread of HIV presents a daunting challenge.

CADRE-India is the lead NGO for Kanyakumari District to provide technical and managerial support for HIV services in collaboration with TANSACS and ILFS.


To create 100% awareness about HIV/AIDS and linkages to testing, counseling and treatment facilities and services in all the adopted villages.


1.To prevent HIV/AIDS transmission and control its spread.
2.To reduce morbidity and mortality associated with the infection.
3.To mitigate the stigma attached to HIV/ AIDS patients
4.To enhance community awareness, especially knowledge, attitude and practice.

To link-up for counseling services and social support for management of HIV/AIDS patients

Work related to HIV / AIDS

CADRE-India works in association with 15 Integrated Counseling and Testing Centers, located in the nine blocks of the Kanyakumari District. Through these centers we conduct awareness programs by showing films on HIV/AIDS awareness and make blood testing to the members of the community.

In association with Tamil Nadu AIDS Control Society and ILFS we are doing a project to prevent the transmission from parent to child.

We do counseling for HIV infected people and their family members and provide moral support.

We distribute free condoms and free education material to people. These products are provided by TANSACS.


CADRE-India is conducting awareness camps in the community for the prevention of Tuberculosis. Our specialized staff also identifies tuberculosis symptoms amongst the community members and takes sputum tests that are sent to hospital for their analysis. If the results are positive we refer the patients to a doctor for his/her treatment. We also do follow ups to make sure that the patients are taking their medicines regularly. CADRE-India is specially raising awareness amongst HIV positive people since this is a high risk group for this disease.