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Cultural Program

Cultural Program

New Generation Groups

The present socio-economic situation cannot give security to save the lives of the poor families and their children. Parents of this area are unable to meet up the minimum needs of their children. As a result, there is child labor

CADRE- India feels that the society cannot be stable unless each and every person of the society gets his/her rights and has the knowledge to distinguish between good and evil. CADRE- India created the New Generation Groups to combat this problem. Through this program it builds intervention with the rural communities of the Melpuram Block of Kanyakumari District. During the past years CADRE-India has initiated community interaction in this area to build up responsible communities to find viable solutions for their local problems and needs. They were also equipped and empowered to avail basic services and amenities from the government. Our involvement in this particular area is more localized and thereby, we tried to enhance the rural as well as urban poor participation in the local governance

These meaningful involvements with the community also called forth our attention to interact with the children of that area through the New Generation Groups. To the best of our experience and expectations we conduct weekly meetings, workshops, vacation camps, exposure program and such other, we have found these children to be very promising and responsible. Our frequent and consistent interaction sessions with the children have facilitated them to form children groups with a total of 150 children